West Michigan singer/songwriter Andy Baker has spent a lifetime peering through microscopes. As a veterinarian, it’s a necessary skill…searching for small clues in order to grasp the bigger picture.  Pretty handy tool for a songwriter too. In fact, Andy has spent a great deal of his life with his own lens turned inward…and outward…and it shows in his newest collection of award winning modern folk tunes. 

Songs from his 2017 album “One Fine Day” are deeply rooted in Andy's life experiences as a father, veterinarian, Ironman triathlete, poet, and humble ponderer. Influences such as John Mayer, Ryan Adams, and the Indigo Girls are easy to hear, and his sound is both familiar and all his own. Grand Rapids producer Michael Crittenden dressed many of the songs in full band outfits, and left others in their stark acoustic bones. The result has been critical acclaim, including a coveted finalist spot in the 2017 Kerrville New Folk songwriting competition, and the entire record was nominated for Best Contemporary Folk Album by WYCE in Grand Rapids. 

But it’s on the stage where Andy’s music really shines. He plays 4 different instruments during his shows…guitar, bouzouki, dobro, and bass...and his easy humor and energetic performance style keeps his listeners on the edges of their seats. His shimmering open tuned guitar work is a nod to his hero’s like Michael Hedges and David Wilcox, and his humorous songs like “Pink Cadillac” and “Labrador Blues” get em rolling in the isles. But it's his pondering poetry and glimmering  hope that sticks with his listeners long after the show is over.

"An engaging performer...well crafted tunes, slices of life from touching story-songs to hilarious sendups, performed on a variety of stringed instruments. A pleasure!"  

-Jim Bizer, MAMA's Coffee House  

-2017  Kerrville New Folk Finalist  

-2018 Telluride Troubadour honorable mention  

-2017  WYCE "Jammie" nomination:  Best Contemporary Folk Album..."One Fine Day”  

-2010 Great Lakes Songwriting competition multiple award winner..."Down"