Michigan singer/songwriter Andy Baker has spent a lifetime peering through microscopes. As a veterinarian, it’s a necessary skill…searching for small clues in order to grasp the bigger picture.  Pretty handy tool for a songwriter too. In fact, Andy has spent a great deal of his life with his own lens turned inward…and outward…resulting in a pondering writing style that moves with a purposeful stride, a playful heart, and a hopeful eye to the horizon. 

Three decades of crafting songs have resulted in four studio albums, with nods to his many influences including Counting Crows, James Taylor, Ryan Adams, and the Indigo Girls. His 2010 release “Down” garnered multiple awards from the Great Lakes Songwriting Competition, and songs from his 2017 album “One Fine Day” landed him a coveted finalist spot at the Kerrville Newfolk Songwriting Competition.

On the heals of his 2020 release “North Country Sky”, Andy came back to win the Kerrville Newfolk Songwriting Competition, and was also featured as an Emerging Artist at the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival in New York. The album spent a number of weeks on the national Folk DJ Chart, and the opening song “Second Wind” hit #18 in July. Jon Stein of Hootenanny Cafe writes “From the first note of the first song to the last note of the last song, North Country Sky is nothing less than brilliant. His tunes will compel the listener to keep listening...and then after the last note of the last song, wanting more! I can't wait for Andy Baker's next album.”

Andy’s love for his day job and family life keep him deeply rooted in his tiny rural town of Gobles, Mi…but when he gets to hit the road he does so with a glint in his eye, a tap in his step, and a trunk full of instruments. A long time multi-instrumentalist, Andy’s live shows feature a mesmerizing rotation of songs played on guitar, bouzouki, dobro, and even bass. Jim Bizer of MAMA’S Coffee House says “Andy’s an engaging performer…well crafted tunes, slices of life from touching story songs to hilarious sends, performed on a variety of stringed instruments. A real pleasure!” 

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