Written by Andy Baker  c. 2018 

I’m an old navy pilot and a writer in the sky 

If there’s something big you need to say  well I might be your guy… 

A man runs to my hanger says his name is Dave 

and he’s got an urgent job for me as I’m putting up my plane 

Says can you write I’m sorry so big that she’ll believe 

and can you do it all before the six o’clock train leaves 

Well I saw his desperation and the tear stains on his face 

and I didn’t have the heart to say that it’s probably too late 

So I jumped back in my airplane and I took off straight and high 

for if one thing life has taught me love is always worth the try 


I swoop into my pattern  and there’s not a cloud in sight 

It’s a fine day for flying as the white smoke trails behind 

the letter "S" is tricky it’s a curve that goes both ways 

at the beginning of the hardest word you’ll ever have to say 

and I think about his woman with a teardrop in her eye 

she’s walking toward the station will she look up at the sky 

Will she read these words I’m tracing will she know that they’re from Dave 

will she pause and change direction or will she step up on that train 


A man walks to my hanger, says his name is Dave 

asks if I remember him five years ago today 

then he smiles and shows a picture of his wife and family 

shakes my hand and thanks me for the words that changed everything… 


I’m an old navy pilot and a writer in the sky 

If there’s something big you need to say well I might be your guy

Pink Cadillac 

Written by And Baker c. 2017 

Some they like it dirty, Some they keep it clean 

My daughter’s car is nothing like you have ever seen 

Bottles on the floorboards dishes on the seats 

Old Mcdonald’s French fries poking in between 

Bubble gum wrappers, leathered orange peels

Something looks like chocolate on the steering wheel 

Honey I cannot fathom what’s growing in the back 

Of your pink Cadillac, pink Cadillac 


Dirty socks and undies that’s just what’s on top 

Dig a little deeper you don’t know what you got 

Could that be a meatloaf in mommy’s Tupperware 

Growing like a chia pet with green slimy hair 

Can’t see through the windows boxes piled high 

At least the cops can’t see her texting when she drives 


I think she kinda likes it feels just like her room 

Comfy like a wooly bear wrapped in her cocoon 

I try to make her clean it but she’s not down with that 

She rolls her eyes and gives me her little girly “DAD…” 

so one day got the gumption said “I’ll do this job” 

grabbed myself some trash bags, windex and a mop 

started on the back side, tried to pop the trunk 

But something started scratching and I began to run 

Now I keep my distance I don’t even try 

At least in this condition she can’t give boys a ride 

Honey I can’t fathom what’s growing in the back of your 

Pink Cadillac, pink Cadillac, 

Maybe it’s just better that I don’t a go a looking in 

your pink Cadillac, pink Cadillac


written by Andy Baker c. 2019 

the hospice nurse is counting out the candles 

mom is spreading frosting on the cake 

I’m in my wheelchair, playing with my hair 

trying to decide if I should wear my wig 

got a couple of my high school teachers coming 

haven’t seen my friends since my last day of school 

and it’s probably hard for them to see me once again 

don’t blame them if there’s something else to do 


I’m just a kid with a birthday dream 

trying to make it to sixteen 


I’d do anything to sneak out after midnight 

and be naughty with a boy under the stars 

get grounded for a week, throw a tantrum in my sheets 

complain about how mean my parents are 

but all they do is grapple with the questions 

as to how and why this tumor’s chosen me 

don’t matter how you cry, or how you pray at night 

it don’t change the spot on that x-ray screen


I’m just a kid with a birthday dream 

trying to make it to sixteen


mom cries about the things that I’ll be missing 

dad cries about the daughter he can’t save 

and they tell me when it’s time 

baby run into the light 

oh but what if all I want to do is stay 


tonight I’m gonna blow out 15 candles 

and eat my piece from the center of the cake 

and thank my lucky stars that I have come so far 

and celebrate the gift of another day


just a kid with a birthday dream 

trying to make it to sixteen

One Fine Day 

written by Andy Baker  c. 2017 

To begin, you will travel far 

past the northern star 

to a galaxy that you have never known 

And you will enter through a mother’s womb 

on a planet blue 

in a body made of flesh and blood and bone


And one fine day…you will be born 

and one fine day…you’ll be coming home 


As a child, you’ll learn gravity 

a brand new way to see 

you will crawl and then you’ll walk and then you’ll run 

And every step is uniquely yours 

you choose the path you forge 

your destiny is weaving through your hands 

And one fine day…you will be born 

and one fine day…you’ll be coming home 


And you will love, you will dream you will dance and you will sing 

and you will touch, you will feel you will comfort you will heal 

And you will venture, you will share you will question you will dare 

and you will curse, you will scream you will suffer you will bleed 

And you will bend, you will break you will lie and you’ll forsake 

and you will stumble you will fall through the darkness you will crawl 

But don’t give up, don’t give in for the sun will rise again 

and you will learn from your mistakes and you will love with deeper grace 

And through this circle you will grow many times you’ll feel alone 

but this I promise, do not fear for I am with you…I am here 


And then one day, you will travel back 

with your final breath 

through an open door of warm and brilliant light 

and you will carry all you learned of life 

all your joy and strife 

and we will celebrate the journey of your soul 

And one fine day…you will be born 

and one fine day…you’ll be coming home 

and one fine day…you will be born 

and one fine day…